Reporting a Crime or Emergency

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Community members, students, faculty, staff, and guests are encouraged to report all crimes and public safety related incidents to the Lee College Security Services office in a timely manner.

To report a crime or an emergency 24 hours a day on the Lee College campus, call Security at extension 6888 or, if off campus, 281.425.6888. To report a non-emergency security or public safety matter 24 hours a day, call Security at extension 6888 or, if off campus, 281.425.6888. In response to a call, Security will take the required action, dispatching an officer or asking the victim to report to Security to file an incident report.

All Security incident reports involving students are forwarded to the Vice President of Student Affairs for review and potential action. Security Officers will investigate a report when it is deemed appropriate. Additional information obtained via the investigation will also be forwarded to the Vice President of Student Affairs.

If assistance is required from the Baytown Police Department or the Baytown Fire Department, Security Services will contact the appropriate unit. If a sexual assault or rape should occur, staff on the scene, including Security, will offer the victim a wide variety of services. Members of the Lee College community who have been sexually assaulted are strongly encouraged to 1) talk to a Lee College counselor (ext. 6384) and sexual harassment coordinators Dr. Coffman, ext. 6384, or Amanda Summers, ext. 6875], 2) report the assault to Lee College Security (ext. 6888) and obtain medical assistance.

Crimes should be reported to the Security Services office to ensure inclusion in the annual crime statistics and to aid in providing timely warning notices to the community, when appropriate.

Access to Campus Facilities

During business hours, the College will be open to students, parents, employees, contractors, guests, and invitees. During non business hours access to all College facilities is by key or electronic card, if issued, or by admittance via the Office of Security Services. In the case of periods of extended closing, the College will admit only those with prior written approval to all facilities.

Some facilities may have individual hours, which may vary at different times of the year. Examples are the Wellness Center, Library, Student Center, and Cafe '34. In these cases, the facilities will be secured according to schedules developed by the department responsible for the facility.

Emergencies may necessitate changes or alterations to any posted schedules. Areas that are revealed as problematic will be reported to the Security Services office. The Safety and Security Committee composed of representatives from Security Services, Administrative Services, Staff Assembly, Applied Science Division, Academic Division, Community Education, Student Congress, and Marketing and Public Affairs meet monthly from August to April to discuss these reports, campus safety and security issues. Additional meetings are called as necessary and are open to anyone.

Enforcement Authority of Security Personnel

Lee College employs commissioned security officers; however these individuals are not peace officers. Lee College Security Services officers have the authority to ask persons for identification and to determine whether individuals have lawful business at Lee College. Lee College Security Officers have the authority to issue parking tickets. Certified Security Officers carry weapons but do not possess arrest power. If minor offenses involving campus policies are committed by a college student, Security Services would refer the individual to the Vice President of Student Affairs. Criminal incidents are referred to the local police who have jurisdiction on the campus. The Security Services Office at Lee College maintains a highly professional working relationship with local, county, and state police agencies.

Security Awareness & Crime Prevention Programs

During orientation in September and January, students are informed of services offered by Security Services. Information is disseminated to students and employees through an emergency procedures booklet that is available during registration and in the Security Facility, and on timely warning posters. When time is of the essence, information is released to the college community through timely warnings, texts, and emails.