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Psychology is the study of human behavior and mental processingThe field of psychology has three aspects: it is a major subject of study, it is a science that has a specific method for conducting research, and it is a professionPsychologists can fill many roles such as teachers, researchers, service providers and administrators.  Because psychologists perform diverse tasks, they work in many different settings such as academic settings, independent practice, hospitals and clinics, human services settings as well as business and government fields.  The employment outlook for individuals with an education in psychology is promising

What Will I Learn?

Students who choose to major in the field of Psychology will learn about the biological and psychological basis of human behavior, intelligence, motivation, emotion, learning, personality, memory, human development and psychopathology.  In addition, academic preparation in the field of Psychology will develop valuable reading, writing, speaking, research and critical thinking skills. An Associate of Arts degree in Social Science prepares graduates for entry-level roles in many industries. It also paves the way for students to pursue a Bachelor of Arts degree in a field related to Social Science at most state universities in Texas.

What Can I Do with This Course of Study?
Psychology UHCL Transfer Plan
Psychology UH Transfer Plan