Political Science

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The study of po­liti­cal sci­ence is the study of gov­ern­ment and poli­tics. It is a so­cial sci­ence deal­ing with sys­tems of gov­ern­ance and pow­er, and the analy­sis of pol­iti­cal ac­tivi­ties, po­liti­cal thought, po­liti­cal be­hav­ior, and as­soci­ated con­sti­tut­ions and laws.

Stu­dents should work with their ad­visor to tai­lor course se­lec­tions to align with their cho­sen trans­fer uni­ver­sity. The trans­fer plan on this page shows a tailored ex­am­ple for a uni­versi­ty com­mon­ly chos­en by Lee Col­lege stu­dents. How­ever, stu­dents may choose to con­tinue their edu­ca­tion at any uni­ver­sity.

What Will I Learn?

Stu­dents will gain a basic un­der­stand­ing of pol­iti­cal sci­ence through the stu­dy of his­tori­cal events, govern­ing insti­tu­tions, hu­man be­hav­ior and eco­nom­ic de­velop­ment. A con­cen­tra­tion in Pol­iti­cal Sci­ence pre­pares gradu­ates for trans­fer to a four-year in­stitu­tion. It paves the way for stu­dents to pur­sue a bache­lor of arts degree in a field related to Pol­itic­al Sci­ence at most state uni­versi­ties in Tex­as.

What Can I Do with This Course of Study?
Political Science UH Transfer Plan