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Disco­ver the secrets to the uni­verse through Lee College's physics pro­gram, whether you are an aspir­ing sci­entist, engin­eer, or som­eone simply search­ing for an amazing sci­ence elec­tive. In our physics courses, you will have the chance to learn about the every­day world around you as well as dive into the "impos­sible." Indeed, far more is pos­sible than most people can imagine (such as invisi­bility or how you might time-travel without vio­lating any known laws of physics, and much, much more).

For those who want to take an incred­ible jour­ney toward becoming a physi­cist, we offer an asso­ciate degree in physics, transfer­ring toward a bac­helor's degree at a four-year uni­versity. Students will gain an under­standing of our uni­verse, critical think­ing, team work, and prob­lem-solv­ing appro­priate for a profes­sion in physics.

For those pursu­ing techni­cal fields, we offer a wide range of courses in sup­port of your studies.

For those who are simply searching for a general science elective, we offer courses in the physics of science fiction (TV shows, movies, etc.) as well as courses in astronomy. We also offer specialized courses for those in select majors, such as education.

What Will I Learn?

You’ll learn the principles and applications of physics, such as chemistry, astronomy, geology, meteorology, thermodynamics, electromagnetism, and nuclear physics. Associate degrees are offered in physics and astronomy, transferring toward a bachelor’s degree at a four-year university.

What Can I Do with This Course of Study?
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