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The Music Field of Study is struc­tured to meet the needs of stu­dents who will pur­sue a bac­ca­lau­re­ate de­gree in music.

Mu­sic cours­es in this cur­ricu­lum plan are trans­fer­able to pub­lic Tex­as four-year col­leges and uni­ver­si­ties. The Asso­ciate of Arts degree core require­ment will not be com­pleted in order to accom­modate the field of study cur­ricu­lum. Trans­fer of credit in en­semble, ap­plied study, and theo­ry/aural skills shall be on a course-for-course basis.

The Field of Study Cur­riculum for music shall con­sist of 31 lower-divi­sion semes­ter credit hours that are fully ap­plic­able to a bach­elor's de­gree with a major in music. The en­tire block of cour­ses shall be ap­plied to a bach­elor's de­gree with a major in mu­sic or on a course-by-course basis.

Students are required to:
  • Enroll in either Piano class or Applied Piano until exit pro­ficien­cy require­ments are met.
  • Attend the perfor­mance/lec­ture semi­nar.
  • Attend a speci­fied number of ap­proved con­certs each semes­ter.
What Will I Learn?

The Field of Study Curriculum for Music is the set of lower-division courses that must be applied to the bachelor's degree with a major in Music. The Field of Study Curriculum for Music should be followed by community and technical colleges to structure a transfer curriculum in music.

The Music Program offers fully transferable courses for music majors and non-majors including:

  • Music Theory
  • Sight-Singing and Ear Training
  • Ensembles – Concert Choir, Jazz Band, Orchestra
  • Music Literature
What Can I Do with This Course of Study?
Degree and Certificates
Music (AA) Degree Plan