English Literature

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Lit­era­ture courses at Lee College en­hance your understanding and  enjoy­ment of lit­era­ture. You will be able to read multi-lay­ered texts more crit­ical­ly, think, and ana­lyze more crea­tively, syn­the­size informa­tion more ef­fective­ly, and write prose more spe­cifical­ly and master­fully. Literature courses will en­courage you to ex­plore other voices, cul­tures, and periods. You will be intro­duced to a broad spec­trum of works, writers, conven­tions, and canons. Students will ex­pand their know­ledge of litera­ture, genres, and lit­eracy criti­cism. Stu­dents will demon­strate cultur­al and histori­cal under­stand­ing of the litera­ture as well as an under­stand­ing of how li­tera­ture re­flects so­ciety.

Many careers require education beyond the associate degree. Students should work with their advisor to tailor course selections to align with their chosen transfer university. The transfer plan on this page shows a tailored example for a university commonly chosen by Lee College students. However, students may choose to continue their education at any university.

What Will I Learn?

Eng­lish cours­es pro­vide stu­dents with a range of skills and abili­ties, in­clud­ing strong writ­ten and oral com­munica­tion skills, an ap­precia­tion of the pow­er of lan­guage, a broad vo­cabu­lary, an under­stand­ing of re­search meth­ods, the abil­ity to pre­sent res­earch ma­terial and per­suade an audi­ence, the abil­ity to ar­ticu­late oth­ers' work, criti­cal think­ing skills, and team­work.

Stu­dents will de­velop skills in analy­sis, syn­the­sis, writ­ing, ele­ments of liter­ature, cul­tural aware­ness, em­pathy, com­pre­hen­sion, and his­tori­cal/cul­tural con­text.

Stu­dents will ex­pand their know­ledge of lit­era­ture, genres, and liter­acy criti­cism. Stu­dents will demonstrate cultural and historical understanding of the literature as well as an understanding of how literature reflects society.

The Associate of Arts Degree in English provides the academic foundation needed to transfer and pursue a bachelor's degree at most state universities in Texas.

What Can I Do With This Course of Study?
English Literature UHCL Transfer Plan