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Speech Com­muni­ca­tion is the study of how people create shared meaning through the use of verbal and non­verbal symbols. Speech Com­muni­ca­tion majors work to develop con­fi­dence and pro­fi­cien­cy in their ability to speak in small and large groups, in­ter­act ef­fec­tive­ly with others in inter­per­son­al and group settings, and think crit­ical­ly as it relates to argu­men­ta­tion and adv­o­cacy.

The Speech Comm­uni­ca­tion Field of Study is de­signed to pro­vide the ap­pro­priate cur­ricu­lum for stu­dents trans­fer­ring into a Bach­elor of Arts pro­gram with a ma­jor in Speech Com­munica­tion or Com­munica­tion Stud­ies and pro­vides many of the foun­da­tion­al courses for Public Relat­ions and Mass Com­munica­tion.

Many careers require education beyond the associate degree. Students should work with their advisor to tailor course selections to align with their chosen transfer university. The transfer plan(s) on this page shows a tailored example for a university commonly chosen by Lee College students. However, students may choose to continue their education at any university.

What Will I Learn?

Speech Communication is a highly versatile career field, in that it teaches students about crucial issues of human relationships, particularly as revealed through communication issues. Speech Communication courses provide an essential foundation for students to develop professional, work-related skills and develop communication competency in all interactions.

What Can I Do with This Course of Study?
Communication UHCL Transfer Plan