Programs at Lee College

Lee College offers Associate of Arts (AA), Associate of Arts in Science (AAS), Associate of Arts in Teaching (AAT), and Associate of Science (AS) degrees. We also offer Field of Study Curricula and Certificates of Completion. On this page are links to program pages that contain all of these options, as available.

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AA, AAS, AAT, and AS

These degrees are for students who plan to transfer to four-year institutions and pursue baccalaureate degrees. AA, AAS, AAT, and AS degrees include 60 to 66 hours of freshman and sophomore courses.

Photo illustrations of various programsDegrees are based on the core curriculum developed by the State of Texas and are updated to include fields of study as they become available from the state. The AAT degree is designed for teacher preparation and specifically transfers to upper-division education programs. The curriculum for AAS degrees includes coursework in a technical area as well as a core curriculum, which includes courses in Communication, Mathematics, Life and Physical Sciences, Creative Arts, Language Philosophy, Government/Political Sciences, American History, Social/Behavioral Sciences, Communication, and Kinesiology Area Option.

Because of common course numbering and similarity in degree plans, students can easily matriculate to universities, with most credits being accepted by public post-secondary institutions in Texas.

Fields of Study

Field of study curricula were mandated by the state legislature in 1997. These programs can transfer to general academic teaching institutions in the state of Texas and guarantee substitution for lower-division requirements for the degree program. Lee College currently offers Fields of Study in five areas: Computer Science, Criminal Justice, Music, Speech Communications, and Business.

Areas of Concentration

Areas of Concentration (AOC) provide structure to the elective courses taken to complete an AA or AS degree. Students focused on a major for bachelor’s degree work have multiple AOCs from which to choose. It is the responsibility of the student to contact the transfer university to obtain its specific course requirements and enroll in appropriate lower-division courses.

AA Areas of Concentration

American Studies, Architecture, Church Music, Criminal Justice, Drama, English, General Studies, Health, Humanities, Literature, Mexican American Studies, Physical Education, Social Sciences, Social Work, Spanish, Transfer in Allied Health, Visual Arts, and Visual Arts: Imaging

AS Areas of Concentration

Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Science, Geology, Mathematics, Physics, and Pre-Engineering