Online Reporting

Behavioral Intervention Team

The BIT is designed to report students of concern in terms of mental health issues, and social cultural issues (homelessness, food insecurities, etc), as well as threatening behaviors. The BIT will continue to meet remotely while the campus is closed. For faculty, this is different than the ASR (Academic Support Referral) which covers academic concerns. More information on the mission of the BIT can be found at or by contacting Rosemary Coffman directly at

Title IX – Sexual Misconduct

We will continue to offer support to anyone reporting any type of sexual misconduct that violates our Title IX policy. With new state rules, all reports of sexual misconduct that is brought to your attention, must be reported to the College. In addition to notifying one of the Title IX Coordinators. This link can be given to students or employees to report an incident. For more information, you can contact one of the two coordinators — Rosemary Coffman for student issues ( or Amanda Summers for employee issues (

Academic Honesty

(To be completed by faculty)
This form is created to help you file a claim of an Academic Honesty violation for one of your students. But, more importantly, it is an instructional tool for you and your student. This form will help you to decide if the academic honesty violation is flagrant enough to warrant further action or is of the unintentional variety from which you have a variety of options to choose. Information from this form is maintained indefinitely by Lee College.
For more information, the entire Academic Honesty Policy can be found online or contact your division chair.

General Complaint (or Compliment!) Form

Lee College is here to assist you with any issue or concern that impedes the work and/or learning environment within our campus community.
If you have a concern with a college process or procedure, or with personnel that you are not able to resolve, please complete this form with as much detail as possible.
Or if you would like to acknowledge a person or office for helping others and going above and beyond, we want to know that, as well!

Student Conduct

This form can be utilized to report any behaviors of concern to the appropriate individuals at Lee College which include code of conduct violations Upon receipt of this report, the appropriate Lee College administrator will review the matter and take proper steps to investigate, stop, prevent, and remedy prohibited conduct in accordance with College policies.