Safety and Security Committee Minutes: 2017-0410

Safety and Security Committee Meeting
April 10, 2017


A subcommittee was appointed to assist the president in approving temporary gun-free zones when requested. The subcommittee consists of Karen Guthmiller, Mike Spletter, Daniel Christie, Mark Jaime, J.R. Velez, and Steve Evans

Mark Jaime needs contact information for the person at TASB who can assist us with signage.

The Campus Carry draft should be amended to shorten the lead time required for a temporary gun-free zone to be requested. Recommend 30 days with exceptions granted by the Safety and Security subcommittee.

Need to identify a gun-free location for student disciplinary hearings and faculty/student meetings.


Mike Spletter noted that Baytown EMT and Baytown Police Department often show up at the gym when responding to 911 calls. This is due to Lee College address being noted as 200 Lee Drive. When using GPS to find 200 Lee Drive, the gym is the location associated with this address.

Suggestions included meeting one again with Baytown PD and EMT/fire officials to insist that they carry a map of the campus in vehicles and learn the Lee College campus.

J.R. Velez says that when Security reaches out to Baytown PD or other emergency agencies, they use the Security building address of 600 West Republic. Additional discussion is needed on this topic.


Steve Evans informed the group that many Cintas first aid boxes were being removed from campus for budgetary reasons. Many of those removed will be replaced by first aid kits, purchased by Lee College and monitored and refilled by Maintenance.


Karen Guthmiller noted that she has had requests from faculty to allow students to perform studies on safety issues pertinent to the campus or the students’ individual programs. At the next meeting, a list of possible study topics will be compiled to make available to faculty who want to have a student project centered around “Safety.”


Karen Guthmiller noted that the arena trash cans were full and the arena was not clean this morning due to an AAU Basketball event held over the weekend. It was requested that campus organizers should do their best to ensure and encourage cleanliness.


Captain Velez is delivering a report at the next Faculty Assembly meeting regarding the fire drills that have been held on campus this year. Faculty members are asking for a report on how successful the drills have been, and observations made for improvement.