Safety and Security Committee Minutes: 2017-0206

Agenda — Lee College
February 6, 2017

Steve Evans, Karen Seratt, Daniel Christie, Harry Pang, John Elliott, Karen Guthmiller, Mike Spletter, Scott Bennett, Mark Jaime, Oris Buckner, Christopher McClure

Sam Ortallono, Tom Sandoval, Marti Covington, JR Velez, Susan Smedley,

1) Update on Campus Carry — We currently have a task force. We plan on completing our campus policy by end of March to take to the board in April and for approval in May.
– We can’t exclude the dual credit spaces
– Testing is automatically a safe zone since no personal items are allowed when in the space
– The arena and PAC are safe only during events

2) Poll on No-Smoking Campus — The next step is to toughen up on smoking/chewing. Employee breaks are becoming a problem.

3) Student Emergency Procedures — There will now be a Crisis Management Team that will automatically be notified upon campus emergencies with submission of an upcoming standard form for instructors. A student emergency procedure is forthcoming.

1) Steve Evans to call DOT in regards to traffic situation over at McNair
2) When we order signs; they should read “Concealed Campus Carry”
Student Emergency Procedure is still needed