Safety and Security Committee Minutes: 2015-0928

Safety and Security Committee Meeting Agenda
Lee College
September 28, 2015


Steve Evans, John Conner, Bill Smith, Karen Seratt, Harry Pang, John Elliott, Karen Guthmiller, Mike Spletter, Daniel Christie, Mark Jaime

ABSENT: Rosetta Mourer, Delma Garcia, Sam Ortellono, Marti Covington, Tom Sandoval, Scott Bennett, Leslie Gallagher


New Security Captain – JR Velez

Emergency Procedures title has been changed to Multi-Hazard Emergency Operations and has been posted online.

Clery Act Report has been completed

Safety and Security Audit has been completed- discussion to follow on ways we can improve

ECHS speed zone is not yet complete.


Committee asked about possible faculty and staff parking.

We should possibly think about adding an EpiPen to our first aid kits.


AED Update: Order new AED for old gym

Need education in PDD agenda about procedures and gun security.

Need process for evacuation for faculty.

Is there a Threat Assessment group in the counseling area?

Execute Fire Drill once a semester; planned then unplanned once dates are suggested

We need to find out who has the best knowledge on chemical storage and spills.

Smoking Structures- there will be designated areas for smoking; however we are still waiting on the parameters on how to enforce this from our cabinet.

Smoking signs will need to be changed according to the changes.