AOD: 9-27-2017

Drug Free Campus Committee — Sept. 27, 2017

Members Present:
Dr. Rosemary Coffman, Associate Dean (Student Affairs)
Paige Sorge, Volleyball Coach
Brook Barraza, Student
Zane Moseley, Student Activities
Ehab Mustafa, Veterans Center
Amanda Summers, Human Resources Director
Aaron Crowell, Detective, Baytown PD
J.R. Velez, Security Captain

Adrian Touchstone, Student Ambassador
Howard Bushart, Allied Health Chair / Instructor
Marcus King, Assistant Basketball Coach
Amber Buras, Bay Area Council on Drugs and Alcohol
Mike Spletter, Student Activities Director

Review of Minutes from April 25
Approved as written.

Old Business

  • Summer Bash
    • The committee was given a draft of the final report for the event along with the raw data collected through survey monkey. Rosemary gave a quick review and recognized Brook and her work on the organization of the event as well as a “thank you” to student activities.
    • The committee was asked to give feedback on the recommendation for changes based on the participant and community partners. It was agreed that we would move the event indoors based on the feedback. It was also suggested that we add a question to the evaluation to see if the vendors had any other suggestions on who should attend. The committee can continue to review the documents and send other recommendations to Rosemary. The final report will be added to the Biennial Review for next year.
      Zane shared the “Your Story” banner that was displayed at the event. Since the event, the banner was displayed in the Student Center with more students adding their personal story of how addiction impacted their lives. Once this is full, we can get a new banner for more stories. It was discussed that we could add the Drug Free Campus Logo to the next one.
  • Website – Start Your Recovery Online Tool ( — This was introduced to the committee in the spring. Rosemary wanted to remind the committee members of the site and how it may be utilized on campus.

New Business

  • Membership – For this school year, we discussed membership of the community and filling some gaps.
    • Laura Lane Worley is no longer serving. Howard is our only faculty. We will need some suggestions for other faculty.
    • We need more student recommendations. Brook said that she had some students who were interested. We discussed the need for a traditional age student.
    • Aaron announced that he is changing positions with the Police Department and may need to step down. He will help find his replacement for the committee.
      We discussed having more community representation including some one that could represent dual credit. It was suggested that the Impact ECHS representative (Stephanie Powell) that is on campus be considered. We also discussed a possible representative from the Chamber of Commerce, the City Manager’s office, or a treatment center. We’ll continue this discussion at our next meeting.
  • Smoke-Free Campus grant – two individuals had forwarded information on a grant to support a smoke free campus to help us with the continued work on campus in being smoke free. The information was taken to our grant writer, but we will not be eligible since we are already 100% smoke free.
  • Drug-Free Campus notification – our notification will go out to all students next week. Rosemary will work with Amanda to make sure that the same notice is used with employees.
  • Goals/Initiatives for the 2017-18 academic year – We discussed possible events and initiatives for this academic year. This will be an ongoing discussion. The discussion included:
    • Sponsoring a showing of “The Last High” documentary
    • Purchasing and initiating a climate survey. We will discuss the possibility of doing this for the fall. There is also a discussion of having one through our Campus SaVE committee on attitudes and practices for sexual misconduct. We will see if there is one through our new Safe Campuses Software.

Other Events / Announcements

  • Rosemary will bring information to the group on Safe Colleges which has a alcohol and drug component for students and possibly a class climate survey
  • On August 23rd, the Athletic Department funded two speakers as part of the student athlete orientation to cover how alcohol and other drugs impact athletics.
  • Aaron brought information to the group on the Colorado Impact Report and how the legalization of marijuana has impacted tax revenue, homelessness, adolescent use, and other issues. We discussed having information available to the campus if the legalization gets on the ballot for Texas. More information can be found online ( (Page now offline)
  • Other dates – the Drug Free Campus Committee will be sponsoring a table at the following events. If you are available, please let Rosemary know.
      • October 4 – Mental Health awareness event. Other events will be happening that week as well.
    • October 26 – Fall Fiesta
    • October 28 – Volleyball game (tentative)

Next Meeting
Our next meeting will be October 25 at 2 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted,
Rosemary Coffman, PhD, CRC, LCDC
Associate Dean of Student Affairs