AOD: 4-25-17

Drug Free Campus Committee
April 25, 2017

Members Present:

Dr. Rosemary Coffman, Associate Dean (Student Affairs); Adrian Touchstone, Student Ambassador; Amber Buras, Bay Area Council on Drugs and Alcohol; Mike Spletter, Student Activities Director; J.R. Velez, Security Captain


Paige Sorge, Assistant Volleyball Coach; Howard Bushart, Allied Health Chair / Instructor; Zane Moseley, Student Activities; Ehab Mustafa, Veterans Center; Laura Lane Worley, Sociology instructor; Aaron Crowell, Detective, Baytown PD; Amanda Summers, Human Resources Director; Marcus King, Assistant Basketball Coach; Brook Barraza, Student

Review of Minutes from March 7

Approved as written.

Old Business

  • Spring Events
    • The committee participated in several events in March and April. Amber and Rosemary set up a table for both the Spring Fling on March 8th and the Health Fair on March 28th. We gave out information and BACODA giveaways.
    • On April 20, we assisted with the premiere of The Last High in the Performing Arts Center. Amber reported on the event that had over 300 people in attendance. Speakers included the Mayor of Baytown, the City manager, the police chief. There was media coverage prior to the event with Fox News and the Houston Chronicle. Texas Pictures will be releasing the documentary on DVD for school districts and there will be other screenings in the Houston area.

New Business

  • New Web Resource – Rosemary shared a new resource that has been added to our website. “Start your Recovery” is an online and interactive tool for both individuals that may have an issue with drugs/alcohol or for family and friends looking for support for others. It also has a section specific for college students. The committee discussed getting the word out to others by an email to the campus community, sending it out to our practicum site, and perhaps updating our postcard to include this link directly. The link can be found online at
  • Summer Bash
    • A subcommittee will meet in May to start the planning for the Summer Bash, our annual drug
      free/recovery event for the summer. Proposed members of the subcommittee include: Rosemary, Amber, Howard, Zane or Mike, and Brook. Rosemary will send out an invite for our first planning meeting for May 15th at 1 p.m. The date of the event will be June 29th.
    • Rosemary and Amber will start on the list of vendors to get out a “save the date”. We discussed having the pedal cars and Baytown PD there again and possibly the SWAT Hummer armored vehicle.
    • Mike said that the “tell your story” board is still available and it was suggested that our DAAC students be reminded to participate before the end of the spring semester since many may not be here in the summer. He will also work with what free activities will be available such as caricatures, water bottles, bubble soccer, and other things.
  • Membership – The committee needs to look at membership. Adrian is graduating, but will be here through the summer. Laura Lane-Worley is stepping down from the committee. We discussed needing to have a presence of athletics, veterans center, and other students.
  • There was a discussion on the possibility of having a student organization around recovery.

Next Meeting

There will be no more meetings of the general group until the fall.

Respectfully Submitted,
Rosemary Coffman, PhD, CRC, LCDC
Dr. Rosemary Coffman, Associate Dean of Student Affairs