AOD: 5-4-2016

Drug Free Campus Committee
May 4, 2016

Members Present:

Dr. Rosemary Coffman, Associate Dean (Student Affairs)
Amber Buras, Bay Area Council on Drugs and Alcohol
Howard Bushart, Allied Health Chair / Instructor
Adrian Touchstone, Student Ambassador
Mike Spletter, Student Activities
Zane Moseley, Student Activities


Ehab Mustafa, Veterans Center
Paige Sorge, Assistant Coach (volleyball)
Marcus King, Assist Coach (basketball)
Aaron Crowell, Detective, Baytown Police Department
J.R. Velez, Security Captain
Laura Lane-Worley, Sociology Instructor;
Amanda Summers, Human Resources Director

Review of Minutes from March 31

Approved as written.

Biennial Report

This report needs to be completed this summer. Rosemary will be working with specific people and departments to supply information for the report. Anyone else from the committee is welcome to attend these meetings. We are collecting miscellaneous drug and alcohol policies from other departments and services on campus such as for students doing internships, nursing, teacher education, etc.

Summer Bash – Alcohol Drug Awareness Event

The date for the Summer Bash has been confirmed for June 27th. The group reviewed the activities and vendor list. We discussed the following:

  • A “save the date” has gone out to vendors with about 4 responses so far.
  • We need to be aware of the limited space for the booths. Some will be outside
    under canopies. There is only room for 11 booths inside. Mike and Zane have a rain contingency plan, utilizing the upstairs of the student center if necessary. As long as it’s not a heavy rain, we can still plan on being outdoors.
  • Student Activities will set up “the Big Chair” and free personalized water bottles in the game room. Amber will help us get the Chronicles of a Teen Killer video on a flash drive to show in the game room. It was also suggested that we show the trailer for The Last High in this same space.
  • Amber is working with the Baytown Fire Department for possible use of pedal cars. The plan is to set up the obstacle course similar to the Oct 7th event. The BFD would also have information about the event. It was suggested that the Baytown PD’s booth be outside with the fire department, emphasizing the consequences of driving under the influence.
  • The Coalition has received $500 from SAMHSA to help offset the cost of the event. We are looking to create a banner that can be used for future events as well. This money cannot be spent on food or incentives.
  • Mike will help with paying for boxed lunches for the vendors as well as having popcorn and drinks for any participant. The Veterans Center will be selling brisket. Mike has invited other clubs to sell food as well.
  • There was a discussion on how to give out some of the gift cards (left over from the TST event) as incentives. We discussed having a Jeopardy Game or a drawing for those who complete an evaluation.
  • Amber is working on getting crashed car on campus for the week before the event. It was suggested that staff and students can submit a short story (“tell my story”) how impaired driving may have affected their lives. Adrian and Rosemary will work on getting the word out to students in the alcohol/drug abuse counseling program. These will be placed on a temporary bulletin board next to the car and will be monitored. Mike does not feel that it would be a problem in getting permission to get the car on campus. We will have the car there from June 20 – June 28th. We will need a poster with statistics and information on impaired driving.

Discussion of Athletics/Drug Policy

Rosemary met with the athletic director and the coaches on starting the process of updating the AOD policy for student athletes. The athletes will be participating in the online interactive “life of an athlete” program. Once a draft is done, we will send it to BACODA as a community partner for review and suggestions. The orientation for the student athletes wills start in August and we are looking for a female presenter who would work with us.

Other Announcements/Activities

  • Amber announced that the Coalition is partnering with the Prevention Resource Center to place billboards in Baytown in both English and Spanish on the dangers of synthetic cannabinoids.
  • With the departure of Hunter, Mike will help us find another student to be on the committee that would be associated with the student government association.
  • The next Coalition meeting will be May 26th at 10:30 a.m. at the LaPorte Police
    Department. Anyone on the Drug Free Campus Committee is welcome to attend.

Next Meeting

Our next meeting is scheduled for May 31st at 1 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted,
Rosemary Coffman, PhD, CRC, LCDC
Dr. Rosemary Coffman, Associate Dean of Student Affairs