Campus Safety and Security

View the Lee College Campus Concealed Weapon Policy (PDF)

Safe Zones

Permanent Safe Zones

  • Classroom in Lab with Chemical Storage: (Barney Gray Science Building)
  • SB #122 (Organic Stock Room), SB #123 (Organic Lab that stores chemicals), SB #3124 (Inorganic Lab that stores chemicals), SB #127 (Inorganic Stock Room), SB #3126 (Spec Room), SB #125 (Environmental Science Stock Room), SB #227 (Microbiology Lab), SB #228 (Microbiology stock room and research).
  • Diana Gray Daycare Center
  • Rundell Hall Testing Center

Temporary Safe Zones

In order to provide adequate safety during events (BOR meetings, Basketball games, Commencement ceremonies, and One-on-One meetings between Faculty and Students), we have designated the following facilities as Temporary Zones during specified times. Proper signage will be posted 30 minutes prior to these events and removed no later than 30 minutes after the events have ended.

  • Gymnasium
  • Sports Arena
  • Performing Arts Center (during Events)
  • Tucker Hall
  • Rundell Hall (President’s Suite, Conference Center, Student Success and Advising Center)
  • Student Center

Frequently Asked Questions

Can anybody carry a gun on campus?
No, only persons who have a license to carry a concealed weapon can carry a handgun on campus. Any certified peace officer may carry a gun on campus. These individuals will also display a badge near their weapon.
What is the difference between concealed carry and open carry?
Only licensed individuals my carry a gun concealed or open in Texas. Only concealed carry is permitted on campus. Under concealed carry, no person should notice that the person is carrying a gun. The outline of a gun should not be visible through their clothing or bag. Open carry enables a visible carrying of a gun. Open carry is not permitted on campus. Concealed carry was made legal under Texas Senate Bill 11. Open carry was made legal under Texas House Bill 910.
What weapons are acceptable for carry under Campus Carry?
Only handguns are permitted, no rifles or other long guns.
Can anyone keep a gun in their vehicle on campus?
Yes, unless the individual is not permitted to possess a weapon due to criminal sanctions. A person found guilty of a felony may not possess a gun.
Where can a person with a concealed carry license carry a gun?
A person with a license to conceal carry may carry a gun anywhere on campus except in those areas declared as Exclusion Zones.
How will I know if an area of campus is considered an exclusion zone?
Exclusion areas will be marked with a sign. Notice also may be given through communication such as a letter or memo.
What should I do if I see a gun on campus?
It is possible for a person who is legally carrying a gun to inadvertently display a weapon. A person who is concealing their gun under their jacket may get their jacket caught on a chair and inadvertently display their weapon. If the person immediately remedies the situation and is not displaying the gun in a threatening fashion, there may be no need for action. The display must be knowingly and intentional. However, if a gun is displayed in a threatening manner, the safest course of action is to call security at 281.425.6888. You may also use any of the red phones around campus.
Can a student who legally possesses a concealed handgun be excluded from the classroom on the grounds that the student’s presence and his or her concealed weapon constitute a class disruption?
No. The mere act of carrying a concealed handgun (with a concealed carry permit as authorized by law) is not in and of itself a disruption of class activity. Likewise, another person’s adverse reaction to someone carrying a handgun in accordance with the concealed carry act is not grounds to eject the permit-holder from the classroom.
Can a faculty or staff member post signage or other notice that prohibits handguns in their office or classroom?
No. All exclusion zones will be designated by the Lee College president.
Can a supervisor request a list of employees who have a license to conceal carry?
No. This information is not a matter of public record.
Where does a handgun need to be in order to be considered ‘concealed?’.
The handgun must be on or about the person which means the gun could be in a handbag, backpack, etc. Employees who have an office solely assigned to them may lock their holstered gun in a desk drawer or filing cabinet. However, if the employee leaves the office, they must take the gun with them.
Can I carry my handgun with me while walking on campus?
A person who is licensed to carry may carry their handgun while walking on campus. Open carry is not permitted on campus.
Does a police officer have a right to disarm a person who has a license to carry a handgun?
Yes. If a police officer reasonably believes a persons is presenting a risk, the officer may disarm the individual.
Can I use my handgun as a measure of self-defense?
Yes. A weapon may be used in self-defense as permitted by law. A person taking such acting is to do so as a private citizen and is not serving as an authorized agent of Lee College.
Can an international student legally in Texas on a student visa obtain a license to carry?
No. There are some exceptions which can be found in Texas Government Code 411.172
What happens if I am at an off-campus event, sponsored by a Lee College registered student organization, and someone shows a gun? Is that okay since they are not on campus?
Your location would determine whether open carry is legal. If you encounter a situation at a Lee College-sponsored event that makes you uncomfortable, you should speak with the staff member who oversees the group that held the event.
Will Lee College require students, faculty and staff members who have a license to carry a handgun to register with the Lee College Security Department?
No. the college will not track LTC (license to carry) holders.
Where on campus am I not authorized to carry a concealed firearm?
  1. Exclusionary Zone – The College President is the only person with the authority to declare a specific premise or venue as an exclusionary zone. Therefore, except as written herein, without the express written consent of the President, no faculty member, staff member, student or student group may exclude a specific venue as “off limits.”
  2. Exclusion by law – Texas statutes outside of Texas Government Code Section 411.2031 separately provide exclusions of certain premises or events, which provisions are hereby incorporated. Under such laws, concealed carry is prohibited from the following premises or locations:
    • Where a high school, collegiate, or professional sporting event or interscholastic event is taking place, including Lee College Athletic events;
    • Where any UIL sanctioned competition is being held;
    • Where any Board of Regents meeting is being held;
    • Office of Student Conduct;
    • Where any other official governmental meeting or judicial proceeding is being conducted; and
    • Where polling is being conducted for local, state and federal elections.
  3. Additional exclusions are as follows:
    • All Commencement Ceremonies
    • Any location where student or employee discipline or grievance proceedings are being conducted.
    • Performance venues, such as the Performing Arts Center and other locations during ticketed events on a case-by-case basis if a temporary designation is obtained from the President.
    • Laboratories with extremely dangerous chemicals, biologic agents, or explosive agents, and areas with equipment that are incompatible with metallic objects such as magnetic resonance imaging machines.
    • Specific areas designated for faculty and staff to meet with one another or students regarding student conduct, grades, or other college matters.
    • Any premises on which a program, activity or camp is being conducted specifically for minors.