Distinguished Alumnus Nomination Form

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Alumnus and Meritorious Awards

The true measure of a college's greatness can be found in the achievements of its alumni and the support received from its friends.

Lee College Alliance is proud to bestow one of three awards to an outstanding alumnus and/or friend who has demonstrated a record of distinguished service and extraordinary achievement.

Award Types

Distinguished Alumnus — The Distinguished Alumnus Award is the highest and most prestigious award Lee College can bestow upon its alumni. The award is presented to an alumnus who has demonstrated a record of distinguished service and extraordinary achievement in a particular career, profession, life's work military service or cause that brings distinction to the College.

Meritorious Award — The Meritorious Award recognizes alumni, faculty, and friends for achievements in their life's work, and their service and contributions to the mission and success of Lee College.

Outstanding Young Alumnus — The Outstanding Young Alumnus Award recognizes graduates age 39 and younger that have made significant achievements in their careers, life's work, or cause. Nominee must be 39 and younger in the year which the award is presented.

  • Eligibility Criteria
    • Distinguished in his or her chosen career, profession, military service, or life's work
    • Military distinction
    • Service to society
    • Be a person of integrity
    • Demonstrated ability
    • Renowned (others will be inspired by his/her recognition)
    • Demonstrates an interest in Lee College
    • Recognizes the importance of his/her Lee College degree
    • Winners may live outside the immediate geographic location
  • Ineligibility
    • Distinguished & Outstanding awards are each a one-time honor (Meritorious may be awarded to the same person more than once)
    • Member of selection committee
    • Any current candidate for a public office
    • Current LCA board member
    • Current Regent
    • Submission received after deadline will be considered the following year