Career Pilot Training

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Ever dream of becoming a pilot? Whether flying for a career or just for fun, our career pilot program is a great way to start. Lee College, in partnership with Flying Tigers, offers individually tailored flight and ground instruction for students who are interested in pursuing a future in aviation, whether professional or personally. Our program is taught by qualified and experienced instructors who will help students achieve their aviation goals and provide the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)-required Part 141 ground school hours for Private Pilot Certification, Instrument Rating and Commercial Pilot Certification. Join our winning team, and enjoy great instruction and great savings!


  • Students must register for two ground school courses and one lab/flight course, remain registered, and active in 2/1 throughout the semester to be eligible for discounts at Flying Tigers. The cost per class is different if students DO NOT register for 2/1.
  • Students CANNOT received the discount until they are registered and classes have started.
  • Required Online Student Orientation.
  • Surcharge for certain repeated classes.
  • Refund Policy – NO refunds will be made on classes after a class begins. To receive a full refund, students must request to drop the class at, on, or before the registration deadline. If a student drops, the discount is forfeited.
  • Online/Internet Requirements — Students must have access to a personal computer with full internet access and MS Office 2007.
  • Students must have a valid email address.
  • Prerequisites required for some classes.
  • Textbooks required for each course.

Online courses (16-week course)

  • Private Pilot Ground
  • Instrument Ground
  • Commercial Ground
  • Aerodynamics
  • Aircraft Safety
  • Aircraft Systems
  • Air Navigation
  • Advanced Air Navigation
  • Aviation Meteorology
  • Advanced Meteorology

Call 281.425.6353 to learn more.

Lab/Flight Instruction (19-week course) at Ellington Field

  • Private Flight
  • Instrument Flight
  • Intermediate Flight
  • Commercial Flight

Start flying and saving! For more information or to register, please contact the Center for Workforce & Community Development at 281.425.6311.