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Customized Corporate Training

Earlier this year, Jacobs, in partnership with the Center for Workforce and Community Development, launched the Jacobs’ JumpStart Program, which put newly-qualified people into exciting positions. The JumpStart Program identified unemployed or underemployed individuals who were looking for better career opportunities. Students completed a six-week training program designed by Jacobs. Upon successful completion of the Program, students received entry-level job offers with the company.

Jacobs’ JumpStart Program is just one example of how the CWCD delivers high-quality consulting and training development for our community partners. With a storehouse of subject-matter experts (SME), instructors, and facilities, the CWCD provides custom-tailored training packages to meet the specific needs of local businesses.

Customized training services are available at your site or ours, and include:

  • Customized curriculum development
  • Pre-employment assessments
  • Skills gaps analysis
  • Conferences and seminars for professional development
  • Internship development
  • Assistance with employment recruitment and placement
  • And much more!

Looking for specialized employee training? Contact Marsha Tuha, Director of Workforce Development at 832.556.4450, or by email at