Linked Classes

Linked Classes are academic/credit classes in which students may register, with the instructor’s permission. Enrollment is limited and is on a space-available basis. Students are expected to complete all the required work, take exams, and receive a grade of either Pass or Fail. No college credit hours are earned. Linked Classes start and end with the credit class schedule. The majority of these classes require instructor’s approval.

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NO LATE REGISTRATION once credit classes begin, NO EXCEPTIONS, except for water aerobics. Course fees: $35-$525.

For more information on dates and times, please view the credit schedule.

Introduction to Architecture (ARCH 1311)

Art Appreciation (ARTS 1301)
Art History I (ARTS 1303)
Art History II (ARTS 1304)
Design I (ARTS 1311)
Drawing (ARTS 1316)
Painting (ARTS 2316)
Sculpture (ARTS 2326)
Printmaking I (ARTS 2333)
Ceramics (ARTS 2346)
Digital Art I (ARTS 2348)
Photography I (ARTS 2356)
Photography II (ARTS 2357)

Theatre Practicum I (DRAM 1120)
Acting I (DRAM 1351)

Music Ensemble
Baytown Symphony Orchestra (MUEN 1123)
Concert Band (MUEN 1125)
Jazz Ensemble (MUEN 1135)
Concert Choir (MUEN 1141)

Music General, Academic and Legal Aspects of Entertainment
Survey of the Music Business (MUSB 1305)
Music Appreciation (MUSI 1306)
Audio Engineering I (MUSC 1427)

Interactive Digital Media (IMED 1445)

Business Computer Applications
Business Computer Applications (BCIS 1405)

Computer Information Sciences/General
Integrated Software Applications I (ITSC 1309)
Integrated Software Applications II (ITSC 2421)

Introduction to Visual Basic Programming (ITSE 1431)

Graphic Design
Computer Illustration (Adobe Illustrator CS6) (ARTC 1453/2440)

Information Processing
Spreadsheets (POFI 1349)
Computer Applications I (POFI 1401)
Desktop Publishing (POFI 2331)
Advanced Word Processing (POFI 2340)

General Office/Clerical & Typing
Introduction to Keyboarding (POFT 1227)
Speed and Accuracy Building (POFT 2203)
Intermediate Keyboarding (POFT 2301)

Allied Health
Health Care Spanish (SPNL 1301)

Welder/Welding Technologist
Shield Metal Arc Welding (WLDG 1428/2443)
Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (WLDG 1434/2451)
Pipe Welding (WLDG 1435/2453)

Pilates (KINE 1109)
Swimming (KINE 1115)
Water Aerobics (KINE 1121)
Yoga (KINE 1127)
Self Defense (KINE 1141)
Exercise (KINE 1103)