EnergyVenture Camp

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EnergyVenture Camp is a 36-hour energy career exploration summer camp for middle-school and high-school students between the ages of 12 and 16. It focuses on the energy industry and career opportunities in the field.

EnergyVenture summer camp blends fun and education to introduce students to the region’s ever-changing energy industry. Campers perform hands-on lab experiments, participate in team-building activities, win prizes for team efforts, tour an energy-related production facility, and get first-hand accounts from guest speakers who work in the field.

The program’s dynamic week-long experience is unique. Students also are invited to return to campus during the spring for an annual reunion where they can catch up with old friends and get re-engaged with the college and the industry.

This is not a one-time summer experience. The program prepares students to meet the future employment demands due to growth in the industry within the gulf coast region.

Corporate partners provide scholarships with pay for the expenses associated with the camp, including snacks, field trips, camp apparel, and supplies. There is no cost to students who qualify.