Weekend College

Was your plan to earn a college degree delayed by work, family or other responsibilities?

Lee College’s Weekend College is an accelerated, flexible associate’s degree program designed to accommodate your unique needs as an adult learner. Whether you plan to enter college for the first time or return after several years, Weekend College will help you to earn either an associate’s degree in Applied Science or an Associate of Arts in several rapidly growing fields.

To accommodate students’ work schedules, Lee’s Weekend College will hold classes on Friday evenings and Saturdays. Weekend College students will also have preformatted block-scheduled classes in hybrid formats, which blend online and classroom instruction.

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Weekend College offers unique features:

  • Students attend classes as a cohort — student groups that stay together from enrollment to graduation or transfer.
  • Students participate and collaborate as a small, professional group.
  • Students benefit from learning communities in which they develop relationships with fellow students and faculty.
  • Class sizes average 18-25 students.
  • Classes are offered in multiple locations to better serve student needs.
  • Personalized advising, financial assistance, and 24/7 tutoring.
  • 3- and 8-week bridge courses help students quickly move from developmental to credit courses more rapidly.

Take the readiness test at SmarterMeasure (Required for all new students. Opens in a new window.)
Online Education Handbook (PDF)  A complete guide to Distance Education at Lee College.


Kathryn Hernandez
Lead Instructor, General Studies and Business
Phone: 832.556.4019
Email: khernandez@leecollegeonline.com
Office: ATC-337
John Elliott
Lead Instructor, Welding
Phone: 281.425.6801
Email: jelliott@leecollegeonline.com
Office: RWB-9
Santiago Guardiola
Lead Instructor, Computers & Networking
Email: sguardiola@leecollegeonline.com
Office: TV1-108
Victoria Marron
HSI STEM/FITW Grant Director
Email: vmarron@leecollegeonline.com

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