Foster Care Alumni Support

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Lee College is honored to support students who were formerly in foster care (conservatorship within the Department of Family and Protective Services) in Texas. This webpage can provide information to assist you in your transition to college and beyond.

If you were in foster care within the state of Texas, you could be eligible for a tuition waiver and other financial aid support. To learn if you are eligible, contact the Texas Department of Family and Protective services (DFPS). Eligible students are exempt from the payment of tuition and fees, including tuition and fees charged for a dual credit course or other courses for which a high school student may earn joint high school and college credit. Students who are eligible for this support are also eligible for federal financial aid.

To obtain the tuition waiver:

  1. Complete the application process for Lee College
  2. Request a tuition exemption approval letter (Form 1810) from the Texas DFPS staff who issues this form to the student by mail or email, confirming the student’s program eligibility at Lee College. To find out more about how to get that proof, contact a Preparation for Adult Living (PAL) worker.
  3. Submit the form to the LC Financial Aid Office — ( or who verifies enrollment eligibility.
  4. Lee College will verify each year that the student remains eligible. The student does not have to reapply.

The Foster Care Liaison

The Foster Care Liaison serves a critical role in bridging the gap between the students who want to pursue higher education and those who can provide support to help students complete their degree. The appointed Liaison for Lee College is Dr. Rosemary Coffman ( She can help you with information on support services and resources available to you on campus and within the community. She can also be a resource to help with admissions, academic support, basic needs support and financial aid.

Additional Resources

Campus Resources

  • Resource and Advocacy Center
  • Access Center / Disability Services (general number)
  • Mental Health Counseling
    • Linda Torrez-Mann, LPC, LCDC
  • Advising and Counseling Center
  • Financial Aid Office

Helpful Websites