New Student Orientation - An important step in your enrollment process. It is required of all new-to-Lee College students
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Welcome to Lee College!

Beginning your educational journey at Lee College is a huge step in accomplishing your goals and dreams! New Student Orientation is an important step in your enrollment process at Lee College and is required of all new to Lee College students.

Through New Student Orientation, you will:

  • Learn about the many support services and resources available to help you be a successful student.
  • Connect with college staff, faculty, current students, and new students just like you!
  • Navigate the physical campus of Lee College.

Additionally, when you attend an on-campus New Student Orientation session, you will receive free food and Lee College swag items!

New Student Orientation at Lee College has two parts:

  1. An online module that can be completed from your personal computer, tablet, or phone at any time. The online module will take about one hour to complete. In order to get credit, you must login to the module with your Lee College ID number.
    1. Access the online orientation module at
  2. A live orientation that will take place on campus or virtually through WebEx. After completing the online module, you can register for a live orientation session at
Fall 2021 Orientation Make-Up Dates