Lee College’s Center for Workforce and Community Development Wins First International Award

group photo with award

Pictured left to right: Marketing Consultant Jessica Ard, LERN President William A. Draves, and Vice President of Workforce and Community Development Dr. Angela Oriano.

Lee College’s Center for Workforce and Community Development was recognized on Thu., Nov. 21, at the Learning Resource Network’s Annual Conference (LERN) and received the 2020 LERN International Award for Excellence in Brochure Design.

LERN is the world’s largest association in continuing education and lifelong learning, offering information and consulting expertise to providers of continuing education and customized training. Founded in 1974, the Network serves over 9,000 professionals every year, and has a network of over 4,000 members in 20 countries. LERN serves a variety of institutions including state universities, four-year colleges, private colleges, community colleges, technical colleges, public schools, recreation departments and other lifelong learning association.

Each year LERN acknowledges leaders in the field of lifelong learning who have submitted nominations for recognition through a LERN award. The award process is very competitive and the criteria include: example of best practice, innovation, demonstrated results, and replicability. The information gleaned through the awards process becomes part of LERN’s knowledge base for sharing with other LERN members and helps to advance the field of lifelong learning for all members. Over 120 submissions were entered into the 2020 LERN International Awards including some from Canada and New Zealand. 22 Awards were received at the Award Luncehon and Lee College was one of six to receive the award for Excellence in Brochure Design.

Under the leadership of Vice President of Workforce and Community Development Dr. Angela Oriano and the creative direction and execution of Marketing Consultant Jessica Ard, the CWCD received its first ever international award since the department’s establishment.

“Everything about this brochure speaks to power and success; from the title ‘Force’ to the slogan ‘Start Here. Finish Strong,’” said LERN President William A. Draves. “Reinforcing the message from the front cover, the first pages inside lay it out specifically with an engaging photo of student Ronika Clay, and her success story. Anxiety is a major barrier to success for many students and Lee College hit this head on by introducing students to “Ask Tena” in the brochure’s centerfold. Tena Nightingale, Ms. Tena, is a friendly, accessible resource person there to help students find their way and get answer to their questions. Creating a comfort zone for students is important for all adult learners, especially the millennial generation.”

Dr. Oriano and Mrs. Ard attended the Annual Conference to receive the prestigious award on behalf of the College. “We are honored to be recognized by this outstanding organization for the redesign of our quarterly publication, Force Magazine,” said Dr. Oriano. “The publication consists of course offerings, testimonials, editorials, and personal and professional development opportunities designed to enrich lives—and, like the name of the publication, the CWCD is a strong force in community development serving the diverse population of nontraditional students.”

“The goal of the new publication was never about selling courses,” added Mrs. Ard, “The goal was to sell a better life for our students and their families. By including student success stories, Ask Tena, and ‘get to know us’ staff editorials, we are effectively leading students to the say, ‘I can achieve my dreams and these are the people who can help me.’”

publication layout

Example of Award-winning publication spreads