Lessons come alive at honors student field trip

group photo

The Human Condition honors students, along with co-instructors Georgeann Ward and Jerry Hamby, are pictured at Scott Bay Overlook at the Baytown Nature Center

Last Friday, students from the team-taught class, the Human Condition, experienced an all-day field trip to nature sites within 20 miles of Baytown. Led by co-instructors of the class, Georgeann Ward and Jerry Hamby, the group walked through a restored prairie at the San Jacinto Battleground, ate lunch at Juan Seguin Historic Park (on the Houston Ship Channel), and hiked through a restored wetland area in the Baytown Nature Center.

“These locations figure prominently in two short stories we read in the class, and visiting the sites brought those places to life in ways that merely reading about them would not have done,” said Hamby.

The group’s trip to the Baytown Nature Center was enhanced by the expertise of Crissy Butcher, a former Lee College student who is now Naturalist for the Nature Center. In addition to providing historical background on the park, Butcher talked about the various stages of wetland restoration work and the positive impact on wildlife.

Georgeann Ward and Emily Blumentritt walking on a path.

Emily Blumentritt (left) and Georgeann Ward (right) at the Baytown Nature Center.

One of the highlights of their adventure was meeting up with Emily Blumentritt, a former Lee College honors student who is now studying wildlife biology at TSU.

“Dare to question” is the mantra of the Human Condition, a seminar-style, six-hour, combined English and Humanities course at Lee College. By analyzing works of fiction, art, drama, film, and architecture through various philosophical “lenses,” students learn to think critically about themselves and the world around them.

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Students next to the waterfront.

Students examining trash washed ashore at the Baytown Nature Center.