Lady Rebels win All-Region and All-Conference volleyball honors

Pictured (left-right): Julia Mauer, Madison Otis, Allie Deese, Bethany Covington and Shelby Wade. Not pictured: Alondra Bautista.

Despite early injuries that threatened to take the 2015-16 volleyball season off course, the Lady Rebels fought their way to  a 22-10 overall record and regional and conference recognition for high-performing student-athletes.

“We had a really good season,” said Head Coach Tracie Johnson, noting that many players learned multiple positions to be prepared to conquer any challenge they faced on the court. The team won the Midland College Tournament, Cedar Valley Tournament, Yavapai College Tournament and its own invitational en route to a second-round finish in the NJCAA Region XIV Tournament.

“Everybody came together and worked hard; everyone contributed,” Johnson said. “This team had great chemistry and a true love of the game. They had the passion.”

That passion and commitment to their sport led six Lady Rebels to NJCAA All-Region and All-Conference awards. Sophomore Alondra Bautista and freshman Madison Otis earned First Team honors; sophomore Allie Deese and freshman Shelby Wade earned a spot on the Second Team; and sophomores Julia Mauer and Bethany Covington earned Honorable Mention.

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LC debaters prepare for last competition of the season after big tourney wins

The Lee College Debate Team will wrap up its fall competition season next month at the 2015 Mississippi College “Deep South Debates,” having already won championships and top honors at recent tournaments in east Texas and Louisiana.

2015 East Texas Baptist University Tiger Invitational
Hosted by East Texas Baptist University – Marshall, Texas
Nov. 13-14, 2015

LC Debate was the Community College Champion and finished third overall in the debate sweepstakes against 14 intercollegiate programs from 5 states, including Union University, Louisiana College, Mississippi College and Harding University.

The debaters returned to Baytown with 13 awards and honors for their team and individual performances:

Cody Buchanan – Novice Debate Octofinalist
Kyle Diamond (Captain) – Varsity Debate Semifinalist
Lilly Guttierez – Novice Debate Octofinalist
Josh Lyrock – Fifth Place in Professional Speaking, Professional Debate Semifinalist
Joselyn Mendoza – Junior Varsity Quarterfinalist
Ricard Nunez – Novice Debate Octofinalist
Rigo Ruiz (Captain) – Second Place in Varsity Debate Speaking, Varsity Quarterfinalist
Hayley Turner – Junior Varsity Quarterfinalist

41st Annual Red River Swing
Hosted by Louisiana State University – Shreveport

Nov. 6-8, 2015

The Debate Team had their best tournament of the season at this competition, being named Debate Sweepstakes Champions atop a field of 28 colleges and universities that included Texas Christian, LSU, Southern Mississippi, Tennessee, Arkansas State and Kansas Wesleyan.

Lee College debaters also won 20 additional team and individual awards, taking the Top Community College title in the overall sweepstakes, combined sweepstakes and swing debate sweepstakes against nationally ranked community college teams from around the state of Texas and beyond. The duo of Kyle Diamond and Rigo Ruiz finished second, while Emmanuel Perez and Josh Lyrock finished as quarterfinalists.

Eight of the 11 Lee College students at the competition advanced to elimination rounds, and several earned honors for their performances:

Kyle Diamond – Second place in the Varsity Division
Josh Lyrock – Professional Division Semifinalist
Jerry McCauley – Junior Varsity Octofinalist
Joselyn Mendoza – Junior Varsity Octofinalist
Ricardo Nunez – Novice Octofinalist
Emmanuel Perez – Fifth Place in Team Debate Speaking
Rigo Ruiz – Varsity Octofinalist, Second Place in Varsity Debate Speaking
Chrome Salazar – Novice Octofinalist
Shawn Start – Novice Double-Octofinalist

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College joins Goose Creek for dedication of new IMPACT ECHS building

After 5 years without a permanent space of their own, the Spartans of IMPACT Early College High School finally have a place to call home — and Lee College administrators, faculty and staff joined the Goose Creek Consolidated Independent School District (GCCISD) this month to dedicate their new building.

“We are true community partners: Goose Creek and Lee College have the same dream and vision,” Pres. Dr. Dennis Brown said during the dedication ceremony, held Nov. 10 in the high school cafeteria. The event also included remarks from GCCISD Superintendent Randal O’Brien and IMPACT principal Laura Reyes, as well as student testimonials and a formal laying of the cornerstone performed by Baytown Masonic Lodge No. 1357.

IMPACT students complete a rigorous academic program that gives them the opportunity to earn their high school diplomas and two years of Lee College credits simultaneously. The first graduates received their diplomas in 2014, with about half of the 89 members of the class also receiving one or more associate degrees. The Class of 2016 includes 92 students, of which 60 are expected to earn both a diploma and an associate degree in May.

The new IMPACT building is located on Market Street, just a short walk away from the college campus and easily accessible via a path constructed across Bicentennial Park.

“We are so excited to be able to have you so close to us now,” Brown said. “But it’s not the building that makes the child or the education; it’s what happens inside. It is the magic happening here and across the street.”

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Weekly Wellness from Jason Summers

12 Excellent Healing Foods For Sore Throats

By Karen Foster

Coping with a sore throat is not a particularly pleasant process. Eating is the last thing that attracts you, but specific foods may actually fuel your body and accelerate recovery. Here are 12 healing foods which will give you enough nutrients to fight off not only your sore throat, but almost any complementary symptoms that come along with a cold.

1) Cayenne Pepper
Where you need more lysing power, you might try using a mixture of hot red chili powder – often called Cayenne pepper – and orange juice. Taken with a straw, can provide almost instant relief from a sore throat.

2) Garlic
Garlic is truly a super food. A soup based on more than 50 cloves of garlic, onions, thyme and lemon will destroy almost any virus that enters its path. When the garlic is crushed, alliin becomes allicin, a potent immune booster with antiviral and antibacterial properties. Allicin compound has to decompose in order to generate a potent antioxidant If you’re choosing garlic as your allium family vegetable, try to include at least 1/2 clove in your individual food portion. If you don’t like to consume garlic regularly,AlliMAX is a powerful garlic nutraceutical and the only one to provide the body with a guaranteed 100% yield of pure stabilized allicin extract.

3) Lemon With Honey
There are endless uses for lemons. Lemon mixed with honey makes for an excellent throat relieving alternative. A great remedy for inflamed throats, your sore throat will soon feel better as the inflammation reduces. This mixture will also cool down your aggravated throat apart from thinning any congestion. Lemon water can fight throat infections thanks to its antibacterial properties.

4) Pomegranate
Pomegranates are recognized as one of the most antioxidant rich fruits in the world. They offer an assortment of impressive benefits. Not only does this super-fruit contain immune-boosting properties, but can ward off infections by acting as an astringent. Pomegranates are especially high in polyphenols, a form of antioxidant purported to help reduce the risk of infections. In fact, pomegranate juice, which contains health-boosting tannins, anthocyanins, and ellagic acid, has higher antioxidant activity than green tea and red wine.

5) Bananas
A non-acidic fruit, banana is a soft fruit that is gentle on your throat. It is quite easy to swallow, especially when you have a sore throat. Along with this, this low glycemic index food is also rich in vitamins, B6, potassium, and of course, vitamin C.

6) Sage
Try trading your regular tea for hot water and sage. Sage’s essential oils are the source of the many benefits of sage tea for lung problems and common respiratory ailments. Known to have healing properties, sage has been used as a medicinal herb since earlier times for sore throat remedies. It contains oxygen-handling enzymes, flavonoids, and phenolic acid. The rich aromatic properties arising from sage’s volatile oils of thujone, camphor, terpene and salvene can be put to use by inhaling sage tea’s vapors to dispel lung disorders and sinusitis. Alternatively, brew a strong pot of sage tea and place it into a bowl or a vaporizer.

7) Carrots
Carrots are superb as remedy food when you’re sick, but they should be boiled or steamed before eating. This is because eating raw carrots can be risky for your sore throat and can further aggravate the pain. Other than this, carrots are also full of nutrients, such as vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin K, fiber and potassium.

8) Kiwi
Eating a couple of gold kiwifruit every day may reduce the severity of symptoms of the common cold. Kiwi is a powerhouse of vitamin C. It has 4-12 times more vitamin C than an orange, 3 times more than an apple and 60 times more than grapes. The numbers of days suffering from a sore throat are at least cut in half as a result of eating kiwifruit.

9) Ginger
Ginger is one of the best pain killers in the world having analgesic properties like the popular ibuprofen, only better. It contains a quartet, gingerols, paradols, shogaols, and zingerone which are active ingredients to reduce pain. Ginger reduces pain-causing prostaglandin levels in the body. A superb way to calm an irritated and itchy throat, a hot cup of ginger or honey tea is a great way of aiding your throat to feel better. Sip tea when inhaling the steam from the cup, and it will aid in loosening congestion and tightness of the chest.

10) Cloves
Consuming a tea which contains cloves can help you kick a respiratory infection. ‘Cloves work as an expectorant, loosening mucus in the throat and esophagus so you can cough it up,’ explains Neil Schachter, MD, a professor at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York City.” On the ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) scale used by the National Institute on Aging in the National Institutes of Health (NIH) to assess the antioxidant value of foods, clove has the highest ORAC score followed closely by cinnamon.

11) Cinnamon
Valued in ancient times as currency and once considered more precious than gold, cinnamon — one of the world’s oldest known spices — has one of the highest antioxidant values of all foods. Herbal enthusiasts encourage cinnamon at the first sign of a sore throat. Chinese traditional medicine has also long encouraged cinnamon to ward off and/or sooth coughs.

12) Cabbage
Packed with vitamin C, sulfur, vitamin K, and other antioxidants, cabbage is a great vegetable to incorporate into your diet. It has powerful anti-inflammatory properties and can even relieve headaches. Given the roles of oxidative stress and chronic inflammation as risk factors for disease, the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory richness of cabbage provides amazing health benefits.


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U.S. Rep. Brian Babin presents certificate & flag at Lee College Veterans Center Anniversary

As the father of a Navy SEAL, a U.S. congressman serving a district with more than 50,000 veterans and a veteran himself, Rep. Brian Babin took the stage at the Lee College Veterans Center Anniversary celebration with a message of gratitude for the work being done to help local military service members and their families.

“Thank you for taking care of our veterans,” Babin said before presenting a Certificate of Congressional Recognition and American flag to Pres. Dr. Dennis Brown that had once flown over the State Capitol in Austin.

“America made promises to you veterans, and American needs to keep those promises,” Babin said. “You veterans are the heroes, and American needs heroes now more than ever.”

The anniversary celebration, held Nov. 10 in the Rundell Hall Conference Center, recognized four years of support and community fostered by the Veterans Center and its staff under the leadership of Director Ehab Mustafa.

“It is a place where students help students. Peer to peer. Veteran to veteran,” Brown said while welcoming more than 100 guests to the event. “Many need more than just class support — they need life support. Their second home is right here at Lee College, and the Veterans Center is their safety net.”

Since the Veterans Center opened, the number of veterans and their dependents enrolled at Lee College has nearly tripled from 150 students to more than 400 students. The center has also been the driving force behind the college’s designation as a national Military Friendly School every year since 2011.

The Veterans Center provides academic advising that includes development of individual education plans for each student; advising about educational benefits, like the G.I. Bill and Hazlewood exemption, and the certification process; and moral and mental health support that includes career guidance, peer tutoring and individualized counseling. The center also works to ensure military students are connected with prospective employers through special job fairs, workshops and networks for internships and other opportunities.

Students are always welcome to drop by  between classes, grab a free snack or cup of coffee, study from one of the textbooks in the Veterans Library, use the computer and free printing, and spend time in the company of their fellow veterans. They can join the Student Veterans of Lee College and the nationally recognized Student Veterans Honor Society, and are encouraged to continue their service to others through participation in events like the Walk to End Alzheimer’s, visits to local hospices and nursing homes and fundraising for veterans in need.

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It’s International Education Week! Celebrate with events through Thursday

Flags are up and flying between the Student Center and Bonner Hall and the schedule has been set for the annual celebration of International Education Week, which will include a movie screening, reception and interest meeting about this summer’s Study Abroad trip to Belize.

Join the festivities at one of these events sponsored by International Education:

— Tuesday, Nov. 17
2-4 p.m., Edythe Old Studio

Enjoy a screening of the film, “A Separation,” an Academy Award-nominated film from Iran that tells the story of a married couple who must decide between improving the life of their child by moving to another country, and staying in their Iranian homeland to care for an ailing parent.

— Wednesday, Nov. 18
2:30-3:30 p.m., Bayer Conference Room

Learn more about traveling with the Lee College Study Abroad Program on a summer 2016 trip to Belize.

— Thursday, Nov. 19
1-2:30 p.m., Bayer Conference Room

Hear from three LC students born outside of the United States, who will make brief presentations about their homelands. There will also be musical performances and the winners of the flag contest will be announced.

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Choirs of Lee College to perform free concert tonight at the PAC

Some of the best and brightest singers at Lee College will showcase their talent at 7:30 p.m. tonight, Monday, Nov. 16, in a free choir concert at the Performing Arts Center.

A chamber choir under the direction of John Weinel whose members are all music majors, the ensemble’s concert will highlight works of composers from the late 19th century to modern day – from Felix Mendelssohn to Ola Gjeilo, whose “Ubi Caritas” features a virtuosic piano solo that will be played by accompanist Nedra Bradley.

Vocal major Destenee Elliot will be the featured soloist in “Light of a Clear Blue Morning,” a clever arrangement of the song written and recorded by Dolly Parton.

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Student creations up for purchase at annual Holiday Art Sale

Shoppers will find nearly 200 unique and handcrafted pieces available for purchase this year at the Lee College Holiday Art Sale, an annual event that features works created by the college’s skilled student artists.

The Holiday Art Sale is set for two dates this season: Wednesday, Nov. 18, at the Performing Arts Center Gallery on campus, and Saturday, Dec. 5, as part of the Christmas on Texas Avenue event sponsored by the Art League of Baytown. Both sales will be held from 10 a.m.-6 p.m.

Artwork to be sold will include ceramics, paintings, prints and other pieces. Cash and checks will be accepted for payments. For more information about the Holiday Art Sale, contact Jennifer Herzberg at 281.425.6484 or

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Puente students set to close ‘Hope is in Y(our) Hands Art Show’ on Friday

Last spring, students in the Puente Program put together the Hope is in Y(our) Hands Art Show that focused on social issues affecting the lives and well-being of those in the local community.

This Friday, Nov. 20, they will close the exhibit with poetry readings, spoken word performances, and a silent auction to benefit the MAS Raza Collective, Promise Center of Baytown and participating artists. The Stoetry Night will be held from 5-8 p.m., at the Promise Center at 2609 Market Street.

They will also be taking donations at the door to benefit the collective, a new organization created by Lee College students with ties to the college’s Puente Project and Mexican-American Studies programs. Though primarily made up of Latino-American students, the collective is inclusive of all ethnicities and nationalities. The organization aims to inform, educate and improve the Baytown community through the power of activism and the empowerment of marginalized groups.

The MAS Raza Collective, Puente Project, Mexican-American Studies and The Promise Center of Baytown are joining forces to present the Stoetry Night event.

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Rebel Madness tailgating event draws 600 fans of LC basketball

Nearly 600 fans turned out to the Auxiliary Gym to support the Lee College Basketball Team at the inaugural Rebel Madness tailgating event hosted by Rebel Nation, formerly known as the Former-LEE alumni association — fueling the Runnin’ Rebels to a 142-74 win over Houston Community College-Southwest.

Tailgaters watched the Runnin’ Rebels show off their skills with a slam-dunk contest and 3-point shootout, got autographs from their favorite players, enjoyed free food and music and grabbed Lee College t-shirts and other spirit items that were given away.

The Lee College Basketball Team has a long history as a breeding ground for top talent from around the United States and even abroad. Under the leadership of head coach Roy Champagne for the last 23 years, more than 100 Runnin’ Rebels have moved on to play at the NCAA level in programs at universities like Baylor and Virginia Tech. Some of the former Runnin’ Rebels have also built professional basketball careers overseas.

Standouts from the 2015-16 squad include sophomore guard Tim Coleman, sophomore shooting guard Branden Jenkins and sophomore forward Duop Reath. All three players rank in the Top 12 Junior College prospects in the country, and Jenkins and Reath recently signed letters of intent to play for Louisiana State University next year.

This week, the Runnin’ Rebels (4-1) take on Lone Star College – Cy-Fair at home on Monday, Nov. 16, and Kilgore College away on Saturday, Nov. 21. Click here for a full schedule of games for the season.

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