Math Pathways


Lee College offers several academic transfer math pathways. The diagram below illustrates the sequence of developmental courses that lead to certain credit math courses. The sequence that is best for you depends on your degree or program choice. Your starting point in this sequence is determined by predefined criteria or placement testing.

Math Pathways Chart

Credit Math Course Descriptions:

  • MATH 1314 (College Algebra): The course is designed to prepare students for higher level math courses such as calculus and business math and to teach the math skills required for related science courses such as chemistry and physics.
  • MATH 1332 (Contemporary Math): The course uses multiple approaches such as physical, symbolic, graphical, and verbal to solve financial and social application problems.
  • MATH 1342 (Statistics): The course emphasizes the collection, organization, analysis and interpretation of numerical data in real-world situations.

Career and Credit Technical Math Course Descriptions:

  • MATH 350 (Math for Applied Health): The course focuses on the mathematics of dosages and solutions.
  • TECM 1341 (Technical Algebra): Application of linear, quadratic and simultaneous equations relevant to technical operations.
  • TECM 1349 (Technical Math Applications): Fundamentals of trigonometry and geometry as used in a variety of technical settings.

NOTE: Several career and technical programs require academic transfer mathematics courses. Check the catalog for appropriate math course.