Ask the Help Desk

The Office of Information Technology makes a help desk available to assist users with computer-related problems. The help desk is supported by technicians and network administrators. The service is provided free of charge Monday through Friday, 40 hours per week.

Questions about software, networking, internet, email as well as questions about printers, scanners and other peripheral devices, can be addressed to the help desk. Assistance is available via email at or 281.425.6952

When emergencies require the Help Desk to the unattended, notice will be available via voicemail on the Network Status Line at 281.425.6874.


  1. If you are encountering a problem, but your computer is working and you’re able to log onto the network, send an email message explaining your problem to The help desk technician on duty will assist with the problem. In this way, we will have a paper trail with time and date of request, and we will be able to reply to you easily.
  2. If your computer won’t function and you are unable to email on another computer, call the help desk support line at 281.425.6952.