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Scenes from Rebel Recreation activities

Campus Activities Board

The mission of the Campus Activities Board (CAB) is to provide social, multicultural, recreational and education events for Lee College students, community supporters, faculty, and staff. From movies to lectures, cultural celebrations to concerts, CAB provides co-curricular activities that enhance students’ experience at Lee College.

Students interested in learning more about CAB sponsored events and viewing previous event photographs are encouraged to visit our Facebook page at or stop by the Student Activity Office and Game Room located in the Student Center.

Student Government Association (SGA)

Established in 1936, the Student Government Association (SGA) serves as the official voice of Lee College’s student body. SGA members are encouraged to participate in decision making, both in college governance and in student organizations.

The Lee College Student Congress serves as the principal voice of the student body in matters related to college policy. Members of the Student Congress serve as voting members of the college’s Planning Committee, Campus Activities Board and President’s Council. They also serve on committees formed to hear student grievances and appeals regarding disciplinary action.

Student Clubs

More than 20 student clubs and organizations can be found on campus. These include social, cultural, scholastic, political, and religious gatherings, and are organized to provide students with the most visible and accessible path to campus involvement. Have an idea for a club? Gather some friends, and visit the Student Activities Office in the Student Center.

  • American Sign Language – Advisor: K-Leigh Low Villanueva
  • Anime – Advisor: Tia Hall
  • Be the Match – Advisor: Sharon Sampson
  • Campus Activities Board (CAB) – Advisor: Mike Spletter
  • Cosmetology – Advisor: Angela Noack
  • Criminal Justice – Advisor: Oris Buckner
  • Dance Team – Advisor: Diana Mendieta-Bailey
  • Fine Arts – Advisor: Stephen Neihaus
  • Honors Council – Advisor: Georgeann Ward
  • International Club – Advisor: Gregg Lattier
  • International Association of Administrative Professionals – Advisor: Melinda Rose
  • Instrumentation (ISA) – Advisor: Tex Woodall
  • Kinesiology – Advisor: Graeme Cox
  • Latin Connection (LCLC) – Advisor: Melissa Valencia
  • Lee College Veterans Honor Society – Advisor: Ehab Mustafa
  • LGBTQ – Advisor: Jessica Thompson Falla
  • Logistics and Transportation – Advisor: Keith Coleman
  • Music – Advisor: Kenneth Booker
  • Nursing Student Association (LCNSA) – Advisor: Janice Rogers
  • Phi Theta Kappa – Advisor: James Camp
  • Photography – Advisor: Steve Neihaus
  • Process Technology Student Association (PTSA) – Advisor: Tex Woodall
  • Rebels Against Alcohol and Drugs (RAAD) – Advisor: Howard Bushart
  • Rotaract (Service Learning) – Advisor: Gregg Lattier
  • Student Government Association (SGA) – Advisor: Mike Spletter
  • Student Veterans of Lee College (SVLC) – Advisor: Ehab Mustafa
  • Teachers 2 Be (T2B) – Advisors: Teresa Landers & Marlene Morgan
  • Webb Historical Society – Advisor: Portia Hopkins

Student Center

Downloadable Forms (PDFs)
Event and Fundraising Pre-Planning Form
Release of Liability and Travel Eligibility Form
Recognition Application for Student Organizations
Purchase Request Scratch Sheet

The focal point of campus organizations and activities, the Lee College Student Center offers students a wide range of services and a pleasant atmosphere suitable for all types of activities. In the Game Room, students searching for a way to relax between classes can choose between billiards, table-tennis, darts, foosball, and video games.

Coordinator: Mike Spletter | | 281.425.6861 | Office Location: Student Center