CAAC Bylaws


(amended 4-19-11)

  1. That membership of the Committee be as follows:

Voting Members

  1. One counselor elected by the counselors
  2. One elected representative from the library
  3. Two members from LCHC
  4. One member elected from each of the 11 divisions on campus

Ad Hoc members

  1. SACS liaison
  2. Dean of Academic Studies
  3. Dean of Applied Sciences
  4. Associate Dean of Student Affairs
  • That a chair and vice chair of the committee be faculty members of the Committee elected each April by the Committee; that Roberts Rules of Order be followed for committee meetings.
  • A quorum shall consist of at least eight voting members of the committee.
  • That if selected by a division as its representative, a chair of a division may serve on the Committee.
  • That faculty members selected by their divisions to serve on the Committee will serve two-year staggered terms. Committee members unable to attend committee meeting(s) are to send a substitute who will possess deliberation and voting rights.
  • That the staggering of terms is as follows:
    1. Begin terms in even years: H/C Academic; Allied Health; Business Technology; Math, Engineering, Natural and Physical Sciences; Kinesiology and Wellness; Workforce Education; Developmental Education; Process Technology; Nursing
    2. Begin terms in odd years: H/C Tech-Voc; Social and Behavioral Science; English and Humanities; Technical Studies; Visual and Performing Arts; Computer Technology; Speech Communication, Language and Teacher Education; CAD and Engineering Technology
  • That the names of selected members be given to the appropriate Dean, who will forward the names to the chair of the Committee.
  • That it be the duty of the chair to inform the counseling department, library, and/or divisions when new members from those areas are to be elected.
  • That the Committee consider concerns other than curriculum or academic affairs per se as instructed by the President of the College.
  • That the procedure for curriculum issues to be brought before the committee follow the guidelines below:
    1. At least five days before a CAAC meeting, a faculty member from the sponsoring department requests that the item be placed on the agenda.  At that time the committee chair recommends that the sponsoring department submit handouts in advance so they can be passed on to members prior to the meeting.
    2. Agendas and handouts are sent to all committee members at least 24 hours before the meeting
    3. At the meeting, a representative from the sponsoring department presents the proposal to the committee and fields questions.
    4. A motion is made on the proposal.  If the motion is to accept, discussion of the proposal between committee members1 ensues.
    5. When discussion is complete, a vote takes place.  Only members of the committee1 may vote.
    6. When a change is adopted, it is reflected in the minutes of the meeting
  • All newly proposed programs must come to the Curriculum Committee for approval prior to being presented to the Board of Regents.
  • Items such as WECM and state mandated changes must be brought to the Committee as information items though Committee action is not required.