Career Coach

Dropping Classes

Lee College wants students to succeed in reaching their college goals. All students should carefully consider the decision to drop any or all of the classes they register for in a semester. Dropping any or all classes can have adverse impact to financial aid (loans, grants, scholarships), international student visa status, veteran’s benefit status, and to status used to qualify for benefits such as insurance. In addition, there are substantial extra fees for repeating most classes for the third or greater time. And a new law passed in 2007 limits the total number of drops certain students can have during their career at one or more Texas public colleges or universities.

When a change is unavoidable, students who must drop a class or classes have the following options:

  1. To drop one or more classes (but not all classes), a student should use the drop/add card available in admissions. These drops are accepted up until the ¾ point in a semester or session. After that point, the drop request can still be accepted if the instructor agrees to it and initials the drop card. All mini session drops should be recorded on a drop card.
  2. To drop all classes in a semester, students need to request a resignation. In person, these requests should be made at the Counseling Center in Moler Hall. Students who cannot come in person to request resignation should fill out the Resignation Request Form and follow instructions on the form for faxing or mailing it to the college. Counselors will discuss the request with students (when possible) to see if anything can be done to save the enrollment. Financial aid will review resignation requests made in person and explain impacts to students on aid such as grants, loans or scholarships.

Drops and resignations processed on or before the census day will not be shown on a student’s transcript. After the day of record, drops and resignations will be noted with a W grade (there are several W grade variations; see the Lee College catalog for more information).