Career Coach

Can I Attend?

Lee College is an open admissions two-year lower-division undergraduate institution. All persons who have at least one of the qualifications listed below are welcome to enroll.

  1. Persons with diplomas from accredited high schools
  2. Persons with General Education Development (GED) certificates
  3. Transfer students with college-level hours earned at other accredited colleges or universities
  4. International students who meet college, state and/or federal requirements.
  5. Persons who are enrolled in accredited secondary schools, subject to restrictions.

Persons who did not complete a high school and participants/graduates of non-accredited high schools (including home schools) are also welcome to apply as “individual approval” applicants. Note: students in the cosmetology program cannot receive licenses until they show proof of high school graduation or awarding of GED.

All students are subject to college readiness assessment. Placement testing may be required prior to registration in certain classes. College skills tests such as the SAT and ACT may be utilized for placement but are not required.