College Goals

Educational Plan – Goals & Outcomes

1 Learner Success: Enable success among all learners.
1.1 Improve persistence of all students to completion of their educational intent.
1.2 Enrich learning through accessible and relevant experiences.
1.3 Enhance student engagement through learner support.
2 Employee Success: Model persistence, completion, and excellence in learning.
2.1 Support professional development opportunities for faculty, staff, and administration.
2.2 Recognize and reward employee excellence.
2.3 Model safety in the work environment.
3 Community Enrichment: Advocate cultural and economic diversity.
3.1 Build bridges from education to employment.
3.2 Make Lee College the preferred provider for training and workforce partnerships.
3.3 Strengthen cultural initiatives that promote an enlightened community.
4 Institutional Effectiveness: Foster a culture of adaptability and continuous improvement.
4.1 Employ assessment processes that direct action for improvement.
4.2 Foster transparency in data analysis and decision-making.
4.3 Implement technology to effectively improve educational and operational processes and promote sustainability.